Chemtrails: What’s Going On And Why We Shouldn’t Be Worried

On June 8, 2013 by Lazer Horse

One of the problems with most conspiracy theorists is that they are armchair/ PC based, they assume that there are no relevant bodies of scientists (unconnected to the government) already measuring the atmosphere, measuring spikes of illness, measuring changes in temperature etc etc. People are already measuring all of the variables that are being posited by the conspiracy types. Not everyone is in the pocket of the government. Maybe you should lay off the wacky baccy mate? I reckon you’re a touch paranoid.

Having said that, there are people putting vast amounts of time and energy into studying the duration of suspicious clouds. They look at official meteorological data, relative temperatures and humidity; with these parameters you can work out how long a contrail should stay in the air. When they find anomalies that are in areas which are too warm, cold or low to produce such clouds they flag it. Here’s an example of one of their suspicious clouds:

Chemtrails Evidence - Radar Image From National Weather Service - Phoenix

This website HERE references a lot of scientific papers where genuine meteorologists are apparently showing confusion at the behaviour of certain contrails. Be that as it may, the scientists are adjusting their models rather than crying wolf. In the multimedia, smart arsed world we live in it’s easy to forget that theories are not facts. Models need remodeling on occasion. Because something doesn’t fit the science de jour does not mean that we are being showered with anthrax, it may just be that we haven’t quite got it nailed yet. Scientists realise that. The higher atmosphere is very difficult to study and is, of course, massive and ever changing. We can’t expect to know how our new fangled clouds will behave up there. Here is a “chembow”… apparently….

Chemtrails Evidence - Not Chembows

If you want to see the lengths that some conspiracy theorists go to to find out if a trail is a chemtrail or contrail there’s a ‘how to guide’ to work out if your trail is dodgy or not HERE. It’s guess work and tricky maths. Not reliable.

As I’ve written before and will again…. we must always keep our eyes open to what governments and secretive bodies are doing. You can guarantee they will be up to something dodgy, they love it. But we also have to be careful not to shout about every little thing we see. The boy who cried wolf and all that….

Final thought: I got interested in clouds a few years back via my brother who is a pilot. I read about the phenomenon of sun dogs (pictured below). Sun dogs are a normal, relatively common event that happens when ice crystals form hexagons and align themselves evenly, in the right conditions. You get a bright spot on one, or both, sides of the sun and a ring around the sun if you are very lucky. I’d never seen this phenomenon before, but thanks to my new interest in clouds and a new preponderance to look skywards, I started seeing these things more often. I imagine that if instead of my brother being a pilot, he was a chemtrail evangelist, I would have started looking to the heavens more frequently too, but I think the fashion in which I interpreted these beautiful sun dogs may have had a significant difference. Just because you haven’t noticed something before, doesn’t make it new.

Chemtrails - Chembow - Sun Dog - Parhelia







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