Chemtrails: What’s Going On And Why We Shouldn’t Be Worried

On June 8, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Chemtrails Evidence - Chemtrail Espanol Eye On Head Man

You may have heard people blah on about chemtrail conspiracy theories, I have. If you’re anything like me you will know in your heart of hearts that what these people are talking about is probably guff, but you have no details to snap their arguments. This post is written for two types of people:

1) those that don’t know what chemtrails are and want to know what the fuss is about.

2) those that think they might believe the conspiracy but aren’t yet fully sold.

It’s not written for hard nosed conspiracy theorists because those guys just won’t listen.

So the starting point here is contrails i.e. the white fumes that come out of the back of planes, short for condensation trails. Everyone’s seen them, everyone knows they’re common. Just so you know, here’s why they happen: up at the height of an aircraft it’s very nippy, sometimes as low as -40. The fumes coming out of the back however are very hot and wet. So they condense, much like your breath on a cold day. Also the pressure up there is lower because there’s less gas molecules banging around, this makes it even easier for the vapor to condense into a cloud. These man made clouds hang about for different amounts of time, the more humid it is and the less windy, the longer they sit up there reminiscent of snake like sheep.

So where’s the conspiracy? Well, theorists say that the government or other shadowy organisations like the Illuminati are putting additional chemicals in these trails. Evidence? Well, they say that nowadays these contrails linger in the air for longer, and are thicker. Specifically since 1988 and this was first noted in California. Why would the government be doing this? Well they have a few theories.

Some say that the chemicals are being pumped out to run experiments on the unwilling participants below. The truth is, if you bang out a chemical from that high in the air who knows where it will end up? Winds could blow it anywhere. So it would be a rubbish and unmeasurable experiment. Others say they are pumping out these chemicals to weed out the weak and elderly. That does sound like a pretty cool idea, but once again, who knows where the fumes would end up. Added to that, I am assuming the people who plan these tests are living in the same atmosphere as they are polluting, so it would be a bit of a punch in their own faces if they really were sending down poisonous clouds.

Chemtrails Evidence - Space

Others say the government is dumping barium salt aerosol on the land in order to assist in radar mapping for defense purposes. Seems a bit much? Others believe it’s a form of weather modification, which surprisingly is the least far fetched of the ideas. “Cloud Seeding” has been carried out as far back as the 50’s. They can “seed” clouds with salt, dry ice and silver iodide to make rain. In fact the biggest users of cloud seeding technology are the Chinese who still use it over particularly arid regions and tried to bring down the amount of air pollution by using it before the 2008 Beijing Games. America uses it to reduce hail stone size in storms on occasion. It’s also been used in Russia to dissipate poisonous nuclear clouds and in Africa to feed starving crops. It’s use is not secretive or hidden. You can argue about the environmental justification, but it’s not as dark as these conspiracy guys are making out.

Others still link these chemtrails to research at the HAARP facility, I wrote about that recently, click here for that article. They say that they are part of a massive electromagnetic superweapons program. Somehow.

Chemtrails Evidence - Sunset at sea

Some say the government is trying to research and combat global warming via chemtrails. This is a bit of a paradox because climatologists are concerned that contrails in general are upsetting the environment as it is. Clouds are part of the ecosystem we are lucky enough to live in. They obviously carry rain, but they also insulate the world, a cloudy night is warmer than a clear night, as we all know. So you can imagine that thousands of human made clouds per day, stretching hundreds of miles each, may well upset the delicate balance a bit.

Ok, so we know what they believe. Is there any direct, compelling, irrefutable evidence? Of course not, no. Are there any hearsay and half truths knocking about? Well, yes. Conspiracy theorists point to extended chemtrails leading to flu outbreaks. There was also a photo (below) of ballast barrels installed in an aircraft for flight test purposes that is claimed to show chemtrail planes. The real purpose of the barrels is simply to simulate the weight of passengers or cargo. The barrels are filled with water, and the water can be pumped from barrel-to-barrel to test different centers of gravity while the aircraft is in flight.

Chemtrails Evidence - Boeing Flight Plus Barrels


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