US Government Memo On Yeti Capturing

On March 9, 2013 by Tim Newman

Yeti Photograph Forest

I’ve written quite a bit about the yeti, abominable snowmanSasquatch triumvirate in my time. I’m not obsessed and I’m not an idiot. I just love the possibility.

It could be there. COULD be. It’s not impossible, not outside the realms of science. I know I’m in the minority these days, and that’s fine.

I would have fitted in better in the 1950’s in USA when the memo below was released laying down guidelines for the capture of such a beast.

Yeti Model Shot

These are the 3 rules for them to follow:

  • “Royalty of Rs. 5000/- Indian Currency will have to be paid to His Majesty’s Government of Nepal for a permit to carry out an expedition in search of `Yeti‘.”
  • “In case ‘Yeti‘ is traced it can be photographed or caught alive but it must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defence. All photographs taken of the animal, the creature itself if captured alive or dead, must be surrendered to the Government of Nepal at the earliest time. “
  • News and reports throwing light on the actual existence of the creature must be submitted to the Government of Nepal as soon as they are available and must not in any way be given out to the Press or Reporters for publicity without the permission of the Government of Nepal.”

Yeti Memo 1950's

History Collection

Yeti Looking Awesome

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