Syrian Tank Fires Directly At Camera

On November 2, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Syrian Tank Fires At Camera Viral Video

This video appeared on line on Tuesday and has smashed up hundreds of thousands of hits. It shows a tank in Syria lumbering into position, aiming it’s turret and firing directly at the camera.

Whether it’s a real or a fake is up for debate, the online community is having a heated row about it as you can imagine. Shouting, slandering and oneupmanning their way through the ether.

It looks quite real, but then the projectile is a bit clearer than you might think. But personally, and I know I’m speaking for the other plums that are throwing their two pence into the ring, I’ve never been fired at by a tank. So what do I know? And what do you know Mr Shouty YouTube idiot? Man they wind me up. Anyway. YouTube is in the process of clearing idiotic comments off their videos at the mo so there is slightly less degradation than there used to be.

It’s quite arresting footage if it is real, and quite a good fake if it’s not. So whatever Trevor:


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