Bear Vs Wolf

On May 23, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Bear Vs Wolf

The title and header image of this post might lead you to expect some kind of gnarly, fighty, bloody battle scene. Sorry to mislead you but I promise my intentions are pure. As your host at I feel it is my duty to entertain you and that is all I have attempted to do with this next clip.

What we actually have here is a baby bear and a baby wolf having a tussle… it’s a bit cutesy…. sorry about that. I bet you enjoy it too though…. ahhhhh….

The fight goes down in some kind of woodland gift shop, the sort of place that has an ample supply of fudge and Kendal mint cake…


If this video has left you wanting some more violent animal struggles click on the image below and have a look at a few more hard fought animal tussles…

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