How To Avoid Crushing Embarrassment (Or Not)

On May 14, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Handshake Embaraas Fail

Life is complicated these days. Not only are there millions of ways to look stupid, there’s also a million cameras watching and waiting for you to catch the humiliation virus. Being cool and maintaining your cools is a never ending battle that I gave up on years ago.

As an example, here is a bloke that manages a football team or something. He has a lovely thick jacket on because it gets cold when you stand outside. It has nice deep pockets to keep your hands warm. But he can only find one of those pockets and has to walk off in shame. Even the humble coat is laughing at us now.

Embaressment Football GIF - Cant find pocket

Stairs were sent from Hades to embarrass anyone who is filmed moving up or down them. The problem with stairs is that there’s lots of hard edges too, so they’ll make you look stupid and kick the bejeezus out of you all in one fell swoop. Sinister. Bungalows are the answer my friends.

Falling Down Stairs Hard GIF

Wearing a hood AND a hat is asking for trouble, but this guy actually tries to trick the stairs into allowing him to sit comfortably. We all saw what happened though….

Falling or Sitting Decision Made GIF

High fives are pretty brave, you just can’t guarantee they will be reciprocated and if they aren’t, all of a sudden you are doing the Hitler salute with nowhere to hide. Here’s a TV presenter who is an idiot expecting a blind chap to see a high 5 coming. Ridiculous…

High Five To Low Five Fail GIF

Even if you both kind of want to high 5 it doesn’t always work out like that, but as long as you keep moving towards each other you can rest assured that a hug will become your default setting.

John Mayer Awkward Handshake GIF

Handshake? Fist bump? There’s just too many options these days. Even blokes in suits aren’t satisfied with a simple celebratory hand shake anymore. And this is the fall out:

Most Uncomfortable Handshake Fail Ever GIF

He styled it……. but he is an idiot. The painting looks pretty real in a grainy gif from 10 metres away, but surely your eyes would have shown you the secrets before you collided?

Walk Into Painted Wall Fail GIF





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