Jack the dog balances items on head, San Francisco, California, America – 25 Apr 2013

On April 25, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rex Features (2305785k)

Jack The Balancing Dog
Who’s a good boy!

Jack the dog is the most level-headed dog you’ll see – he balances household items on his head.

The three-year-old quite happily poses for pictures for owners Nicole Lee and boyfriend Trey, who adopted him as a puppy.

And the Australian cattle dog is happy to impress by balancing items including a football, books, a kettle, and an egg – all in return for the cheers and praise of his San Franciscan owners.

Nicole, 27, a biologist, explains: “He is an Australian cattle dog and is probably mixed with something, but we don’t know. From an early age we noticed he was very smart, so we taught him many tricks, this being one of them. He learned how to play fetch when he was 8 weeks old!

“The balancing act started when we tried balancing a kernel of popcorn on his nose one night while watching a movie at home. We quickly learned he was patient enough to allow us to stack really anything on his head (as long as it’s not too heavy).

“We train him by positively reinforcing good behaviours and ignoring the “wrong” ones; basically just a lot of cheering around here. He responds really well to praise, so we use that as a reward, as well as the ball.

“We’ve had to continue to teach him more challenging tricks as we go along…most recently we taught him to shut all the kitchen cabinets and open the refrigerator. He’s a fun guy!”

For more information visit http://www.rexfeatures.com/stacklink/CMTNKBHRE

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