Conservative Councillor Resigns Over Racist Ramble

On April 22, 2013 by Lazer Horse

John Cherry - Racist Conservative - Resigned

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy a political debarcle, especially when it’s both blatant and retarded. I don’t suppose it’s any surprise to anyone that there are old school bigots in the ranks of the nations number one spot. No surprise at all. But what does surprise me is when they oust themselves in public with seemingly no realisation of how racist they are being.

If I was in a position of power and was being interviewed by the Mail on Sunday, I would assume that they were going to report what I said to the wider world. That’s their job. If I had some skeletons of medieval prejudice in the musty, fusty cobwebs of my mind, I would remind myself before speaking that I had to keep them under lock and key.

Case in point: Mr John Cherry, 73, who sits on Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council, was talking with the Mail on Sunday about a school that south London-based Durand Academy are planning to spawn. This sort of Eton-like school would be situated near the village of Stedham, which he represents. I won’t bore you with the details, but this is what he said, to a reporter, in an interview, knowingly, no phone taps, nothing:

 “Ninety-seven per cent of pupils will be black or Asian….. It depends what type of Asian. If they’re Chinese they’ll rise to the top. If they’re Indian they’ll rise to the top. If they’re Pakistani they won’t….. There are certain nationalities where hard work is highly valued. There are certain nationalities where they are uncertain what this hard work is all about….. If the children are not allowed out off the site then it will make them want to escape into the forest – it will be a sexual volcano.”

Sexual volcano? LOL-cano more like. Unbelievable.  Obviously he says he regrets upsetting people etc etc blah blah blah, but it’s not like he said all of those things without having mulled them over in his treacle filled head before saying them. What a plum. He’s resigned btw.

As I said, racism by an age old, village based politician is unsurprising, the fact that they don’t try to at least hide it, is unfathomable.







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