Goose Vs Gorilla

On April 14, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Goose Vs Gorilla - video

Now, just because an animal shares the same first letter as another animal does not mean they will necessarily get on. To demonstrate this fact I have a video to show you. It was taken at Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita.

It features Barney the Gorilla and two, as yet unnamed Canada geese. Barney is a little jazzed off that these geese are nesting in his area so he takes a closer look.

I like this clip because the gorilla behaves pretty much the same as a human would if they got charged by a goose: you know swans can break your arm and a goose is kind of like a different coloured swan, they sound the same, I’m not risking it…. RETREAT! I love the way Barney beats his chest in a limp attempt to be macho as he’s back peddling out of there.



And while we’re at it, this one’s an old one you’ve probably seen before, but it still raised a dry chuckle in my chest this bleak and rainy morning:



OK one more, here’s a pro fisherman getting owned by a goose. It’s interesting because there’s no real lead up to this attack. The geese are just hanging about the boat, then all of a sudden – BOOM. Nought to furious in 0.2 seconds:



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