Canadian Hunter Shows Off His Corpses

On April 7, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Profile

Here is Georges D’Aoust a 75 year old Canadian business chap who made a butt load of cash in finance and construction in the northern parts of Canada. His millions have allowed him to wander the globe shooting things dead. He loves it, and has just opened his home as a museum of the macabre. He has dead bodies everywhere, 300 beasts from 40 countries.

A lot of people may balk at the idea of killing things, draining their blood, stuffing them, then hanging them on the wall. But those same people also have no problem with letting someone else grow an animal in a small pen, let someone else kill it and gut it, then pop it in the oven and eat it. So maybe we need to align ourselves to the realities of life. He has probably had more enjoyment out of his favourite corpses than you and I have had from a rump steak. They’ve certainly lasted longer.

I’m pro-vegetarian, but too selfish and lazy to actually follow through with it. But I think if I was vegetarian I would mind people stuffing an animal for enjoyment less than people stuffing themselves for enjoyment. I don’t know. I’m in ethical no man’s land here and I don’t like it. So lets get the voyeurism out of the way and look at some pretty strange pictures. These are all beasts that George has shot with his own rifle over the last few decades.

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Antelope

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Bears and Walrus


Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Boar and Leopard

Actually, one more question: would you rather be killed and eaten, or killed and mounted for the enjoyment of your murderer? Hmmmmm….. either way, your dead I suppose. I can hear the nouveau lefty liberals audibly scoff at these pictures as they eat their battery farmed chicken egg sandwich and tweet their dissaproval via their iPhone which contains Tantalum, probably mined by a child in the war torn Congo, whilst wearing a Primarni T-shirt made with the blood of child labourers. We’re all selfish and horrible here in the West. All of us.

Now dry your tears and enjoy the cadavers…..

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Boar

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Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Collection

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Deer and Croc

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Joy

Animal Collection

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Longhorn and Lion

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Polar Bear

Canadian Hunter - George Daoust - Rhino




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