Video: Amazing Spinning Kick Karate KO

On April 1, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Street Fighter Karate Kick KO

At the 2013 Shinkyokushinkai karate competition earlier this month in Canada (I think?), some young chap does a karate kick straight out of a computer game and actually pulls it off. It’s Street Fighter-esque for sure. I didn’t play street fighter much myself, I was more of a Tekken kind of guy. But this kick is incredible. I always wanted to do some sort of martial art, and the perfect picture of myself that I hold in my brain still would like me to be a ninja. Unfortunately I don’t like getting hit or kicked in the face. So it sort of rules me out.

So this kid called Moskalenko Semyon does a mental spinning kick (not sure on the terminology here folks) and knocks his opponent right out. Seeing as I have no technical info regarding karate to give you I will shut up and let you enjoy the violence.

And just in case you are enjoying the ruckus, here’s a video of a guy who’s on the chubbier end of the scale doing a lightning fast spinning kick. Impressive and strange all in one cream bun:



And if you’re in the mood for less nimble porkers watch some fat people falling RIGHT HERE and if you’re still peckish HERE TOO


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