Oddly Shaped Criminal Falling Hard

On March 29, 2013 by lazerhorse

Human Weeble - Redding Burglar

Here’s a video set in Redding, North California. There’s a guy who seems to be dressed in his PJs scoping out Kent’s Meat & Grocery store. He looks mighty peckish as he checks to see if anyone’s around. He has tights on his head but he doesn’t pull them down over his face until you’ve had a good look at him, he’s too busy eyeing up the jelly tots and pringles, you can almost hear his belly growling.

Next he pulls his disguise over his face, picks up a rock and lobs it at the door, the alarm goes off and he legs it.

The reason most people enjoy this clip is that he immediately falls on his face. But that’s not what interests me about this video. No sir, it’s definitely his shape. He has what appears to be a beer belly that only grows below the waist line of his pajama trousers. I’m wondering if he is possibly an alien? Or, more likely, he has a peckish alien secreted in his trousers that is controlling his mind and making him do evil deeds. Yes, that’s more likely.

The police are hunting for him and with a shape like that, how hard can it be? He looks like a life sized weeble. And those PJ bottoms are f f f f f fresh. I’ve had a quick look at the website for the store in question HERE and it seems like he should have waited until the morning because they have their annual FISH-O-RAMA fish sale on at the moment and he could have probably got some pretty sweet deals, what a plum. Here are the owners in happier times:

Kent's Meat & Groceries

And just look at these mint condition meat prices!? That burglar was really missing a trick here:

Kent's Meat & Groceries - Meat Deals

Anyway, here’s the video in case you’re still interested:


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