Man Draws Winky On Mates Face, Mate Goes Nuts

On March 29, 2013 by lazerhorse

James Denham Watson - Penis Face

The old classic of drawing a winky on someones face will never grow old. It is funny, in a very basic, but very thorough way. Willy’s and wangs are rude, and your face is a very important part of your self esteem. To add those two things together non-consensually is epicly funny. But only for the perpetrator.

James Denham Watson of Arlington, Texas awoke after a heavy drinking session last weekend to find that his hilarious house mate had gone and done a penis on his face in permanent marker. As the non-perpetrator James was mightily ticked off and attacked his pal punching him repeatedly giving him some pretty nasty facial injuries apparently.

After a short spell in the hospital the winky artist pressed charges. James Watson is being charged for malicious wounding and won’t be released on bail until he goes to court. He must have whooped him pretty bad.

This pervy artist is not the first to disgrace Arlington’s beautiful surroundings though. Here is an example of a spate of anti-gay art that went up last summer. So maybe there is something about this Arlington place? They’re all a bit handy with crude daubings?:


Here is one of the perpetrators Daniel Sibley, he looks like such a nice boy?:

Daniel Sibley Anti-Gay Artist

These two were later caught too, they look a bit dodgier. They got community service and some fines, I love the way the USA releases mugshots to the public:

Anti-Gay Artist - Arlington - Morgan Rae Aubuchon - Seth Stephen Hatcher

As an aside, I think that it’s important to note that Arlington Texas has the following amenities:

Park acres: 4,651
Recreation Centers: 5
Senior Centers: 2
Tennis Courts: 49
Swimming Pools: 7
Miles of Park Trail: 44
Basketball Courts: 21
Golf Courses: 4
Softball Complexes: 2

So perhaps in future the accused could make better use of his time?

Look how nice the Arlington Texas, Marriott hotel looks FFS!!!:

Arlington Texas Marriott Hotel


Weirdest Mugshots Ever #1

Weirdest Mugshots Ever #2

Weirdest Mugshots Ever #3

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