Fat Guys Falling – Part Two

On March 29, 2013 by lazerhorse

Little Fat Kid

Yes, I can’t get enough of at laughing at other’s misfortune either. Welcome to part 2. I guess you’re pretty excited to see what’s going to happen next aren’t you? Me too.

I don’t know why we feel the need to revel in other’s literal downfalls? I guess we’re just glad it’s not us?

Let’s begin…………

A good strong start here with a friendly looking fatty fatty chubbster climbing on the roof of the car and doing a very low grade job of successfully dismounting from the vehicle. He kind of folds in on himself. The quality is low, but the japes are high:



I remember my Dad having a painful interaction with a skateboard once, but it was before steam trains were invented so there’s no footage. Luckily for us, this Dad was filmed. Skating is tricky it’s all about poise and stealth, having a low centre of gravity is a hindrance on the board, and then, as he stumbles to right himself it’s also a draw back. Thankfully a strategically positioned car breaks his fall.



Classic work based human. Office furniture is not made for burger fiends. Many a man has been laid down through shoddy chairs. Here’s another fallen victim.



Our next winner: Jared, is another guy bullied into doing something he knows will end in his personal injury. His naughty friends are encouraging him to ride a non-dirt bike in a dirt scenario. They are asking him to attempt a jump. No one thinks it’s possible yet he is led to give it a try by the roar of the idiots. Jared does not complete the intended maneuver.



Today’s final video is initially set up like a snooze fest. They talk about personal injury and odd socks. There’s a ball being thrown about. Talk of gazebos. Nothing of excitement to behold at all. He limps about a bit…. then finally…. at the two minute mark there is a proper slo-mo fall followed by a near drowning. Nice.






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