Fat Guys Falling – Part Three

On March 29, 2013 by lazerhorse

Fat Guy Diving

Right, I’ll make this my last fat guys falling over post as it’s starting to make me feel guilty for laughing at them. Naughty Youtube for making me do this. I blame everyone but myself for this delve into schadenfreude.

I’ve only got myself to blame though. I’m a closet sadist. Or should I say was a closet sadist.

This first video is all about the building of tension. There’s a fat guy, check. On a little bike, check. He’s being harranged by dogs, check. Will he fall? Of course he will, but when? Not until the very end is it that the dog manages to bring the man down.



This one went a little bit viral a while back but I think it’s worth a revist seeing as it plumbs new depths of retardicon. Where is the sense in jumping in to a frozen body of water? You know for a fact that it’s cold, you know for a fact that whether the ice breaks or not it’s going to hurt; and lastly, there’s a good sized chunk of chance that you’re going to drown yourself to death. But, having said that, it makes great viewing.



The next clip is nice and simple, a bloke tries to open a door, it seems like it’s jammed, he tries a bit harder, the nob comes off, he falls on the floor and rolls about showing us his crack.



Our last contender is slightly on the oily side, trying to make the half time slam dunk. He was never going to make it, but as he plummets through the air he looks as though he truly believes he is going to make the shot, right up until the second he eats the mat. Good effort son.






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