Reaction To Russian Meteorite The Other Day

On March 24, 2013 by lazerhorse

Russian Meteor Dashcam

So most of us were pretty blown away by the awesome Russian meteorite thingy that smashed in to us a while back. And as we’ve seen, thanks to all of the Russian driver cams, it looked pretty amazing from all angles. Even just the shadows of things moving across the frozen earth looked amazing. It’s cool to think that something that has been whizzing around in the blackness of space for millenia finally stopped for a rest on this speck of dust we call home, lighting up the morning skies as it lay down it’s weary head to sleep. An amazing thing to have witnessed. Here’s how one guy reacted:


So he basically behaved like it was the most normal thing that’s ever happened. If anything he was a bit annoyed that he had to move his sun visor. As cool as a cucumber and twice as drunk. Click on the image below to see more Ruski based adventures and japes…

Russian Collection


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