More Russian Drivercam Footage – PURE LUCK

On March 21, 2013 by lazerhorse

Russia Flag Map

So, I was rewatching that dashcam video from a recent post, in order to cheer myself up on this cold and grumpy morn; then I stuck the following video on to see if could be anywhere near as good.

My mind went through a series of terrifying transformations as I watched it: I was frightened, then immediately relieved – all within a 10 second window. That’s quite an impressive feat for a clip that brief. I’ve watched it about 20 times now and it still gives me a chill each time.

“Pure Luck” is a good title, for sure. Who’s he going to hit? The car that pulls out of nowhere? Or maybe the group of children and adults on the pavement? Find out for yourself and get that chilled blood running through you.






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