Amazing Cloud Photo #1

On March 14, 2013 by lazerhorse

Lenticular Cloud Isle Of Mull

I absolutely love clouds. That sounds pretty generic. It’s like saying “I love sleep”. Of course you do, it’s not even worth saying. I also like breathing and eating. Big deal. But I mean I really love clouds. And it’s due to my brother Sam who’s a pilot, drummer and idiot. He is also getting married on Saturday which means I have to do a speech, which means I’m nervous, which makes me babble.

But when I started learning from him how they form, and their names, and how meteorology works on a (very) basic level, I grew an even fuller appreciation of what they are and what they mean. So I’ve decided to post up ace cloud pictures every so often to spread the love. And if you get bigged up by any of the snaps, there’s a butt load more on this awesome site: Cloud Appreciation Society

Today’s cloud is a lenticular cloud. Taken on the Isle of Mull. Lenticular clouds normally form over the top of mountains, warm moist winds are forced up the slope of a mountain, the air cools as it rises and air can’t hold as much water when it’s cold, so it condenses to form a cloud at the peak. They’re often mistaken as UFOs, by idiots.

Here’s a tale of how clouds can turn nasty: The Man Who Rode The Thunder

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