Auto-Immolation Of Pre-Teen Hair PLUS Cannibal Dogs

On March 13, 2013 by lazerhorse

She burned her hair right off folks

The internet is wonderful for ‘how to guides‘ to things, a year or so a go a nice little fat kid in America showed me how to take the back wheel off my bike. It was very kind of him. I never thanked him though. I guess he checked his stats and saw a man from 1000’s of miles away had watched him doing his thing, and that was enough for him. I hope it was anyway, I’m not paying him actual money and that’s the end of it.

Fabi Rostan Burns Her Own Hair Off

This first video is one of those kind of girly ‘this is how you do this’ type things. She is showing other prepubescent people how to straighten their hair. And then she burns her own hair right off. So not the best video from an instructional point of view. But very good from a cock up point of view.

Why do American‘s say that you “take a shower”? We’ll never know.

Then I found an even less pubed girl doing some even more banal hair based jazz, I was ready to turn the thing off until another member of her family started screaming that their dog was a “cannibal”. Actually it had just eaten a bird and brought it in as a prezzy. Nice touch rover.


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