Pine Martin Attacks Footballer

On March 12, 2013 by lazerhorse

Pine Martin Football Attack - Switzerland

In a week where a South American footballer kicks an owl to death on the pitch, one of his woodland buddies comes back to save the day. This brave little pine martin legs it on to the pitch during a match in Switzerland and literally runs amok. He’s having none of this nature baiting. He burns round the pitch showing off his gnashers, easily out-skilling these nancy boy footballers.

Pine Martin Football Attack - Switzerland - hero

Loris Benito tries to play the hard man and rugby tackles the tiny mammal, what a bully. So Peter pine martin shows him exactly what nature intended and gives him a bit of the old ‘red in tooth and claw’. Boom. I hope he gets rabies. Here’s a visual representation of how much cooler nature is than us…


COME ON NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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