Video: Footballer Kicks Owl

On March 11, 2013 by Tim Newman

Luis Moreno kicks owl football

I’ve never been a football fan, but I’m not going to slag off football because it seems quite popular in some cultures. People do like a bit of the old sports-kicking-ball-goals. But anti-footballer evidence has risen to the surface in the form of a video on a famous website called Youtube.

Not only are footballers horrible to humans, they are horrible to owls. I didn’t think I could hate footballers anymore than I do, but I now hate them further down the infinite dirt scale. (Having written that paragraph I realise I am actually friends with a footballer and I would just like to say that this excludes him, he’s lovely. The rest of them can burn though.)

Here is Luis Moreno, who plays for Deportivo Pereira, attacking an owl. The owl is/was the mascot for Atletico Junior, he got hit by a ball and landed on the pitch. This DICKHEAD then kicks him, an injured noble owl. I hate footballers and football and owl damagers of all types.

Luis Moreno of Deportivo - Owl Kicker

The owl died. Luis gave an empty apology to the whole of Colombia. But it was as hollow as a balloon. I hate him. Owls are better than people.


Here are some comments on the video. I’m not alone…….


“who the f*ck kicks an owl??”


“f*ck Luis Moreno”

Kim Mi-young:

“왜 차?!!! 왜?!!!! Why he kick poor owl? Tell him kick his ball! Suck Soccer!!!”

Noah Fulton:

“That bastard makes me sick, he should be banned from football ( a pathetic game anyway) stripped of his belongings insulted and dumped on the street like the piece of crap he is.”

Nice stuff guys.

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