Bloke Who Looks Like A Tiger Is Probably Retarded

On March 10, 2013 by lazerhorse

The idea of being some sort of criminal mastermind is seen as pretty cool to some peeps. And tattoos are seen as being both hard and cool. So many criminals who want to look hard and cool and intimidating etc may well get tattoos to ensure that their image is nailed tight.

However, if you are going to be flogging stolen goods, and the police find out it’s you that’s nicked them, you are making things pretty easy for the cops if you’ve got your face tattooed up like a snow tiger/ panda cross type thing. There is just nowhere to hide when you look like this? Nowhere.

Adam Roberts from Illinois has been arrested on 3 counts of burglary and now police are faced with the easy task of tracking down the stolen goods that he’s sold on already. Anyone seen this guy? Errrr…. he looks familiar yeah….. there’s something about his face that makes me think I’ve seen him before? Is it Liono from Thundercats?

Adam Roberts Skull Tattoo

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