Gordon “Moron” Ramsay Watches Woman Rub Chilli In Her Eyes

On August 15, 2012 by lazerhorse

Chilli Woman with Gordon Ransay - India

In Brighton there’s a restaurant called “Burger Off;” they claim to produce the spiciest burger in the world. I’m sure that’s an arguable title, but, I gave it a go and, yes, it is hot. I had two bites and started hallucinating. I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

Instead of doing anything like that myself, ever again, I’ve been watching chilli feats on YouTube. In general, they are boring, it’s two guys eating something hot, then it hurts, then they pull a face, then they stop. Dull.

However, the lady below is taking a different avenue… an avenue straight to her eyes. This Indian woman breaks the world record for rubbing chillis in her eyes. And, while that is a feat of human strength, it’s not as impressive as enduring Gordon Ramsay’s company for a minute or two. This lady does both. Cowabunga.

The chillies she is using to destroy her eyes are Ghost Nagas. They’re the hottest around (or at least one of the hottest). I’m sure you guys have chopped a chilli or two in your time, and touched your bits and bobs. You know that’s no joke. And for you gals I’ve been reliably informed that a finger/ chilli/ sensitive area interface is no giggle fit either. It makes cystitis feel like ice cream at Christmas, I’ve heard. So imagine rubbing them into your eyes. Daft.



For me, the real triumph of this video is the comments that come afterwards. Google plums shedding their unrelenting guff all over your eyes….

This comment is from user 947dani:

“Take 24 Chilies more In to your Ass  Then it should be unbreakable Record”

Thanks for your time 947dani. Insightful. JaissieN adds to the conversation:

“she rubbing it on her eyelids, not exactly on in her eyes … a very big difference”

Errr…. yeah. Good point. If you are a moron. Thealice168 lifts the intellectual mood somewhat by informing us of the following:

“lol they spelled “break” wrong. they spelled it “brake””

And lastly, a quick question from bloodcorer:

“after this bunch of chili pepper u ate what r u waiting to sh*t? flames or crap? explain me now”.

Ahhhh the internet, breaking boundaries of twaddle once again.






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