ALBUM REVIEW: Theo Giann – George’s Town

On July 4, 2012 by lazerhorse

Theo Giann's face in squiggles

I generally listen to music that’s horrible, I’m not entirely sure why I have always been drawn to the dark side, but I am, and that’s OK. But I was given this album to review, and every so often it’s good for a chap like me to put down the metal sword and pick up the folk blanket. If nothing else it gives you a sense of perspective and when you put the metal back on it sounds even feistier than it did the first time.

Anyway, Theo’s album is a pleasure to behold. It wraps you up in it’s twiddly fabric, tells you a little story, tucks you in to bed, gives you a few nips of rum and sets you off to sea. His vocals sound polished, but not so polished that the emotion has gone. They sound deep enough to sit in but fleeting enough that you have to make sure you catch your breath before he does. There’s shades of a baritone Buckley in there, there’s even some tinges of Depeche Mode and gothy ocean vibes in the track “You won’t see me till I’m gone”. The incidental aural bits and bobs are lush. In fact I’ve got a little hooked on that track tbh.

It’s really a lovely mixed bag of feelings, all of which will make you soft in the eyes. Some folky type albums can be a little bland, but there has been effort put in to make this sonically interesting and musically skilled. The mandolins, or whatever they are, maybe a harp? I don’t know, I’m not ruddy Sting am I? in the track “Coward” are a good example of the varied instrumentation he has used with his band of musical wizards. You can listen to the entire ear blanket here for free.

I’m glad I listened to this album. And you will be too. Thanks Theo.


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