On June 7, 2012 by lazerhorse

Sandwich Competition: 2012 Nathan Gregg

I was the luckiest tramp in the world to be given the honour of playing the role of meat judge for the second year running.

And on top of that wonderful waistcoat of joy was a raincoat of silk, and that silk was the responsibility of making the video this year. Anyone who hasn’t watched Nathan’s video he did for last years sarnie carnie – shame on you. Go and watch it. It’s absolutely lush, and that’s why I now hate it. I’ve made a clumsy faltering rebuttal.

The video I made started its life in an iPhone and as Jamie the Bear pointed out about three quarters of the way through the shenanigans, I had filmed it all in portrait. Nice one idiot (that’s me not the Bear I mean). I will blame pre-judging nerves but I don’t expect you to believe me, but I will pretend that you will pretend for me that you believe that lie.
Well anyhow. You know what you’re going to get. Give it a watch. The volumes all over the shop so get ready with your fader:



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