Anacondas – Sub Contra Blues – Vocal Recording Session Part 3

On May 10, 2012 by lazerhorse

Anacondas Vocal Recording Sub Contra Blues Stuart & James

Ok. Last day of AnacondasSub Contra Blues vocals. Bit more chilled today, we’ve done the lions share of the work now so there’s a tidy party vibe gwan.
We all arrived through the Sussex mist at about 7, we were quite well combined today for a welcome change. However, I haven’t started writing this until……
20:53 – Stu redid some vocals from our first session in Ovarydean in September. He made some minor improvements, then James did some minor improvements and then I made one minor improvement. So far so belter.

We’ve got a girl in to sing next. The mighty Dee. Singer extraordinaire. Let’s see how she gets on.

Jag Jago - Sub Contra Blues - Anacondas

21:10 – Dee is sounding great. She’s an actual proper singer. Like, I mean, like she can actually sing and make everything sound better than it actually is. Handy at this stage of the game. The cherry on the icing on the turd

Dee Dee - Vocalist - Sub Contra Blues

10:01 – Dee is trying to do the impossible and sing deep backing vocals in line with Stuart’s brain functions to songs that she’s virtually never heard. She’s doing ever so bloody well.
22:30 – girl doing well still. Stuart is tricky though. Very tricky. And a bit magic. But definitely tricky.
23:15 – we are done. For now at least. It’s difficult to stop tweaking. Given half a chance we would all retake our parts a thousand times. But that would be expensive and destructive.
Nathan came to visit. It’s always a lovely bonanza to see and hear his luxuriant face.
23:39 – we just realised Dee needed to do another song. Poor lady. She’s tired and I’m drunk.

Anacondas - Sub Contra Blues - Band Photo - Brighton Electric
00:14 – I know it’s very mid 30’s and un-metal to say it but all I can think about is the dirty fact that I will be at my desk in 8.75 hours. Uh oh…..

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