Anacondas Vocal Recording Session At Brighton Electric – Sub Contra Blues #1

On May 7, 2012 by lazerhorse

Anacondas Brighton - Sub Contra Blues - Album Cover

I’m recording with my hit, slunge band today. We are called Anacondas. We’ve already managed to cobble the music together and done some of the vox but over the next week we will endeavor to finish off the rest. To those who aren’t in the know, recording is an expensive, long and boring process. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s my crushing laziness. Either way I will have a lot of spare time today so I will attempt to write this as we go. Here is us at the beginning of the day.

12:20 – I arrived 30 mins before my band mates. I win.

Anacondas Vocal Recording Brighton Electric - Subcontra Blues - Morning Shot

Joke of the day so far: “Barroca Obama – like you but on a good day”

13:41 – engineer producer man is getting all the wires and knobs in the right allocated slots and positions to start. We are jamming on our iPhone synth/ guitar apps. As pathetic as that sounds we are all well into it.

Stuart Hunter - Anacondas - Sub Contra Blues

Jag Jago - Engineer For Sub Contra Blues Vox

14:12 – Cant get the fold-back to make any sound in the headphones. No work done yet. Fag break.

14:35 – Techy guy, Blakey, replete with Owl T-shirt, has arrived to make things all better again. Thank the Lordy Lord for the recent release of Angry Birds Space and the ever present warmth of the Draw Something App plague.

Blakey - Brighton Electric - Fluffer

15:17 – all the wires, widgets and wazzocks seem to have been ironed out now. First vocal take by Stewy Pops underway now.

Stuart Hunter - Anacondas Vocal Recording Brighton Electric - Sub Contra Blues

16:05 – Did my first vocal. All alone in that booth. Rushing my wabs off from caffeine. Think it went ok. Who can tell. They only made me sing my bit a couple of times. Does that mean I nailed it or they couldn’t bear to hear any more of me?

16:27 – Jamesy McSnakes in the booth now doing some prime time shouties. He’s excellent and shouties.

James Hunter - Anacondas - Sub Contra Blues - Recording

17:00 – 1st song done. Stu doing his darndest to explode his infected glands as we speak. Poor old sick boy.
18:00 – 2nd song done. Smasher.
18:40 – Dinner time:

Anacondas - Lunch Of Kings
19:37 – I did the chorus vocals for track 4. Stewy is now trying to push his brain and his larynx out of his abdomen so I’ve nipped out for a fag. So far so good. Slow progress but that’s par for the course.

James Hunter Recording Sub Contra Blues - Break Time

21:02 – Stuart’s voice has finally given up the ghost of a thousand and some vocal files have gone AWOL so while Jag tries to clamber around inside his hard drive we have made a supermarket jingle called “chips and sh*t and a mayonnaise scarf“. All is going swimmingly.

11:00 – stu is broken so it’s me
And James sailing tandem, cleaning up the rest of the backing vocals. Cider on the go. One song left. Then a lovely walk home in the rain.

11:20 – did mine and james section on one. Called it quits. Quick tidy up then home.
12:00 – home. Happy. Tired.




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