Anacondas Vocal Recording Session – Sub Contra Blues – Part 2

On May 7, 2012 by lazerhorse

Anacondas Brighton - Sub Contra Blues - Album Cover

Welcome back to the 100% professionaly writen vocal recording blog. Anacondas are back in the studio tightening their lungs for the sake of art i.e. Sub Contra Blues. The blog was written as the day progressed and shows in crushing detail how uninteresting recording can be for everyone involved… except the artist… and sometimes them as well.

Day 2 doesn’t start until 7:00 so I turned up at 7:30 to try and teach them a lesson for yesterday. I don’t think they were too bothered. Oh well at least I got another half hour down the pub. So…..

19:37 – Stuart’s voice is back in business and he’s seeming to get to grips with it smoothly so far. As I type this I am having a cider/ mini cheddars induced dump.

19:57 – dinner time already:

James Hunter - Anacondas - Sub Contra Blues Recording Session

20:29 – Jag the producer is now playing us a sweet 80’s rock song from St Elmos Fire. It’s not all work, work, work.
20:37- Jag has informed us of the four studio rules:
1 – no drinks near the console
2 – no farting (Woops)
3 – wash your hands regularly
4 – don’t lose your sh*t

21:25 – listened to Stuart doing the same thing for a long time.
21:35 – stopped listening to Stuart.
23:33 – realised I’d forgotten to write this blog for a couple of hours. Just been singing/ listening etc. blah blah I.e. blah
12:00 – pay the man, look outside to see torrents of rainy spew coming from the clouds. Go back inside to wait for it to clear. It doesn’t clear. We get soaked.
But all in all it was a bonza SESH.
12:43 – home again. Moist but in high spirits. Next session Thursday…..




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