On November 20, 2011 by lazerhorse

I used to live round the corner from the horse and groom but I never went in there, not once. We called it the doom and gloom. In all honesty I am frightened of any pub where you can’t see through the windows. I think that’s fair. It turns out I was wrong though, it’s actually a great little venue And I wish I had been less of a scaredy cat in the past. Last night i went to watch a band there. How about that? I faced my fear with the help of cider. And I never looked back. The band was called THE REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS. they were the only band on – good, that’s less for me to remember. And they all wore lab coats – good, I like science and graphs. They are a covers band – BORING? no, not this time. It was all 60’s garage stuff and I didn’t recognise a single song. It was their first ever gig ever but they were super tight regardless. For me live music is about the vibes and they all had vibes dribbling from their anuses. Uncontrollable rivers of vibes gushing down their inner and outer thighs. Good on them. The guitarist: shelbourne – he was visibly jazzing himself right there and then for the crowds and his own pleasure. And later on in the evening he saw Fit to chase me out of the basement with an axe. True facts. That guy is trouble. But it’s the kind of trouble you want to be in.
And there is something selfish about covers band if you ask me, but if the selfishness gives the band enough pleasure to filter through to the viewer who am I to argue with them? Nobody.


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